Trump’s lies, exaggerations and skulduggery

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Re: “The ‘Three Liberaleers’ falsely blame Trump for hate, discord,” by Carl Hinson, Nov. 15:

Yes, Mr. Carl, for sure I do resemble that remark of repetitiveness. This less than presidential man-boy tweeter-in chief buffoon is utterly unable to define or discuss policies or programs even of his own making without lying to enhance or distort by super-sizing both the facts and statistics. These conditions have made it ever so easy in response in a like manner so often.

In the last few weeks, for instance, Trump repeated his dubious pledge to introduce a 10 percent middle class tax cut before the midterms, or weeks thereafter, not going to happen. Trump Republicans’ Tax Cuts and Jobs Act plan supposedly to raise wages and spur hiring of middle class has instead set record stock buybacks benefiting investors and corporate executives, all the while denying $10 trillion of federal revenue to the treasury over the next decade and in same adding to the deficit.

Trump says U.S. Steel is to open six to eight new steel mills, creating tens of thousands of new jobs. U.S. Steel CEO David Burritt says that’s not true — the company will restart one of two previously idled blast furnaces and bring back 500 furloughed workers. So much for steel and aluminum tariffs, and the need for a $12 billion subsidy bailout to supplement American farmers for their losses caused by Trump’s tariffs.

This is my last letter, taking a self-imposed hiatus to watch Mr. Mueller untangle the mob boss and his lieutenants’ years of skulduggery as Nancy Pelosi and the Dems in the House work to bring back the rule of law and set our country back on the path of righteousness. Hopefully among their many tasks will be to reinstate the constitutional right of only the Congress to declare war.

Proud to be considered one of the Liberaleers. Coffee on me anytime, and a welcome back to Mr. George Leach.

William T. “Nick” Smith