Trump’s red-hot economy can reduce deficit

Beware Trump’s creeping fascism

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Re: “Trump’s deficit will hobble Obama-inherited economy” by William T. “Nick” Smith, Saturday:

Nick, just a few easy rejoinders.

First, do you understand that if an economy grows — sorta like this red-hot one is — that leads to new, additional revenue for the treasury, thus offsetting the “predicted” deficit and, indeed, in all probability, will reduce the deficit?

Doubt me? Google those results in the Regan tax cuts: More dollars, not fewer, and in spades! So you describe as fact an imaginary supposition based on a slanted political agenda. That there will be “an even higher deficit” is no more fact than if you like your doctor you can keep him or Bowe Bergdahl is a “hero.”

Second, “like father, like son.” Really? John Kennedy’s father was an adulterous criminal bootlegger and Barack’s daddy was a certified alcoholic bigamist who neglected all eight of his children. Live by the sophomoric junior high cliché, die by the sophomoric junior high cliché.

Finally, as a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat liberal, you snipe at those who want to deal a “near-fatal blow” to the Constitution! That’s like Maxine Waters asking someone to tone it down or Nancy Pelosi describing someone as not being coherent or suggesting Anthony Weiner be a great choice as coach on a girls cheerleading squad.

Nick, we call that “irony” — in high-def.

Mark Levin