Volunteer firefighters go the extra mile

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We don’t give our volunteer firefighters enough thanks and support!

We had a bad fire at our home at 12:15 a.m. Feb. 2. My mom was staying with us and she was still awake along with my husband. They noticed sparks coming down from the fireplace onto the ground. They woke me up and our son. My husband went outside to check on what was going on and saw fire coming out of the top of our chimney. He told me to call 911.

We then got everyone out and all of our fur babies. We waited in our cars and truck for the fire departments to get there. It seemed like it took forever because our bridge is out at one end of our road. One volunteer firefighter, Vince Farmer, arrived on his personal truck and grabbed our ladder to climb on top of our house to check things out. Then here came all of the fire trucks with rescue. There were at least eight fire trucks.

These firefighters jumped right into action. They knew exactly what they were doing. The fire chief from Black Creek told all firefighters to get back quickly, and then came the backdraft explosion. That’s when all the damage occurred.

Thanks to all the fire departments from Stantonsburg, Black Creek, Contentnea and Saratoga! You helped save our home from burning down to the ground. We have been in this house for the last 28 years and are very grateful for all the firefighters who put their lives on the line to help us.

We are out of our home and have a lot of work to do to get back in, but at least we have our lives. God bless you all.

Please support your volunteer firefighters! You never know when you will need these men and women. Thanks again and again!

Terry, David and Cody Horne