Vote against Democratic obstructionism in November

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Where has the golden rule gone? Where is the respect for others been hidden? Will we ever smile at strangers again or help them? Will we ever have factual news again, without political bias? Can we ever eliminate crime by severe punishment, not country club prisons?

Can we ever be united again, with a common goal to make our lives better, safer, having more jobs, lower taxes and fewer people who are homeless and poor?

Who prevents helping American citizens by obstruction, hate rhetoric, lies, fake news, inciting racial divisions, higher taxes, supporting illegals, voter fraud, inciting attacking conservatives and Trump supporters, open borders, criminal sanctuaries, law enforcement attacks, coverups of FBI/Department of Justice seditionists, congressional sexual harassment coverups, the illegal uranium sale coverup, perjury, the fake Steele dossier, bribes and kickbacks?


They are opposed to everything that will help Americans! They want economic growth to stop; they want fewer jobs, more taxes and more regulations so they can control you, your money and your life.

November is your chance to have your say. Your choice of how you live — better or worse.

Even though there will be voter fraud, the dead will vote, illegals will vote, machines will vote liberal — by mistake? — and voters will be bused to several states.

Democrats will bus voters to the polls, but are unable to bus anyone to get a voter ID? Just more obstruction.

So you think about your future, your family’s future, your safety, your taxes and your job.

Just vote for your life!

Ashley E. Robbins Jr.

Elm City