What can Wilson Prep do that other public schools can’t?

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I have read and studied Wilson Preparatory Academy’s new educational concept and I cannot seem to find it compatible with common sense, nor is it void of discrimination, nor does it adequately enhance self esteem.

I suppose this school comes under the definition of a charter school, but I always thought of a charter school as being for a specific purpose such as students who excel in intellectual talent such as math, music, the sciences, etc. And maybe for students who lag behind their peers in learning and behavioral issues.

However, I am amazed that this school is, in the following order, for children of parents who are initially on the Board of Directors, children of full-time WPA employees, students who get there first by application and those who win the admission lottery. Minus the first two discriminatory policies, it sounds like “eeny meeny miny moe; you’re it.”

Many believe this school provides a better environment for learning and enhances the students’ education. Isn’t this or shouldn’t it be the goal of all public schools? Are the WPA teachers better trained, better paid and more dedicated along with additional funding to better educate the students?

I do not doubt or dispute the possible educational prominence of this school. My question is why? This is a public school paid for by the same taxpayers who pay for all public schools and the students are no different in qualifications other than by whom they are parented, a speedy application and the luck of the draw.

Obviously, this school is not necessarily just for students who enjoy greater intelligence and superior talent, although the school can refuse admittance of students with behavioral problems, who are then left for other public schools to suffer.

Then, why spend millions of taxpayers’ dollars to establish a new school under a new and different management? If this new model is a better educational tool, why not apply this theory to all public schools and make them better instead of watering down for the sake of this new school?

The criteria for WPA states “admission is by completed application only.” Give me a break, please. Consider that the first choice is for children of the Board of Directors and children of full-time employees.

Is this just another example of the burning pockets of our political pundits using the taxpayers’ money as hot air balloons?

Comments are requested, especially from politicians and educators.

Carl Hinson