What has school diversity done for test scores?

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In reading the article,” Schools adapt to drive for diversity: Public education faces challenges on many fronts,” (front page, Jan. 3) it would seem that diversity is a key driver for public education. That when faced with the many challenges to diversify over the years, the progressive-minded people rose above such and conquered.

Maybe it’s just me, though — I always thought the role of the education system was to educate. The writer mentions the drop in enrollment over the years and I would add that the average test scores have dropped as well. American students’ test scores when compared to other leading countries are behind and falling.

To use an analogy, let’s look at the public education system’s athletic teams. Is the focus on diversity or winning? If it is diversity, then we’re failing here as well. How did we go from a lead role to a follower role?

Do the countries that have passed us focus on diversity? Perhaps it’s not only our students who have missed and continue to miss the mark, but the leaders who set the priorities.

Jonathan Varnell

Elm City