Why I Teach: Teaching is ‘wonderfully rewarding’

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Wilson Christian Academy third-grade teacher Janice Efird is featured in today’s Why I Teach.

Current Position: Third grade

Total years teaching: 39 years

First Position: Peninsula Christian School in Newport News, Virginia

Colleges Attended: Welch College and Liberty University

Favorite Book: “A Cup of Joy”

Interesting Facts: My sister and I have the same birthday, but we are three years apart. I have been married 40 years as of Aug. 11. I am a pastor’s wife.

Why I Teach: Nothing can replace the joy that comes to a true teacher when they see that smile on a face because they have learned something new, made a 100 percent on a difficult test, or just shared their favorite story with the class. Teaching is not easy, but so wonderfully rewarding. I teach because it is God’s will for my life. God has opened so many doors for me and blessed me in so many ways. The best moments of every day come when I stand at the front of the class and “share” learning with my students. It is a teacher’s joy that no words can truly express the inner satisfaction that fills my heart.