Wilson author writes guide to ‘modern-day homesteading’

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Wilson’s Steven E. Davis is sharing his homespun wisdom on all things homegrown and homemade.

Davis recently released “Keep Calm and Homestead: A Guide to Modern-Day Homesteading for Everyone” in paperback and e-book formats on Amazon.com. The 317-page self-published volume is designed to help technophiles and suburbanites become self-sufficient and reduce reliance on store-bought goods.

“This book covers all of the things that were done by prior generations but have quickly become lost arts due to modern conveniences and technology,” Davis explains in a news release. “This book is in no way against technology but rather uses it as a tool instead of a lifestyle.”

Davis said he’s spent the last year and a half “compiling information about a new but old lifestyle that has been sweeping the nation and has become the way for his family on a day-to-day basis. Now he’s sharing it with the world.”

Homesteading, Davis said, can benefit homeowners and renters of all ages and stages of life.

“Modern day homesteading is about a cost-cutting, simplification of life that will allow you to live healthier on both a mental, physical and social level while learning more about where and how the things we eat and drink come from,” he wrote.

“This is not a handbook dedicated to teaching anyone how to live like Daniel Boone. This book teaches you how to grow your own food in incredibly small spaces, create delicious spirits and ales, save money on monthly expenses and even some very solid child-rearing.”

Davis grew up farming in Nash County’s Green Pond community outside Bailey. After national and international travel, he said “a longing for a simpler and easier lifestyle” brought him home where he met the love of his life, Ace.

Knowledge of prior generations’ work ethic and do-it-yourself spirit will benefit today’s children and young adults, Davis said.

“As a call to action, I ask you all to at least entertain the fact that there is so much we have to learn from those before us and it’s now been (compiled) into one easy-to-read collection,” Davis wrote. “Join me and my family as we enlighten you as we have enlightened ourselves.”

“Keep Calm and Homestead” is available in paperback for $15.99 and Kindle edition for $4.99 on Amazon.com.