Wilson churches can show support for our schools

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Re: “Many helping hands apply TLC at school,” front page, Monday:

A big thank you to The Wilson Times for highlighting a local church rolling up its sleeves and stepping up to help out a local school!

Your coverage began with a color picture on the front page, catching the eyes of many. Now, before I go on, let me say I am not a member of First Baptist Church nor a teacher or parent at Winstead. I am a local resident who is thrilled to see local people reaching out to help local people.

We can and do make a difference. Thank you to all the volunteers for helped out at Winstead.

I encourage and challenge other local churches to “adopt” a school and help out. Wilson has churches of many sizes and many faiths. There are many ways we all can help. Our children are our future.

This is a great opportunity to help out our local children and make a difference in their lives. By sprucing up the outside of the school building, we let the children and community know we care about our schools and the children who go to school there. By helping clean the building, we say we respect the school and want to take care of it. By making welcome-back baskets for the teachers, we say to the teacher, “We care and we support you.”

Yes, Wilson, we can make a difference.

Will your church step up and take the challenge? I’m on my way to call my church and see if we can follow the great example of the First Baptist Church. Will you?

Mary Virginia Olinger