Wilson County inmates should handle roadside trash cleanup

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A few weeks ago while going to Nahunta, I saw a couple of Wayne County sheriff’s deputies guarding inmates who were cleaning up the roadside trash along one of the secondary roads. As I had just left a major road, that was clean of trash, it was surprising to see these criminals working. Not hard work, but necessary to make Wayne County look nicer. A great way to get a cleaner county and exercise the inmates. The citizens must be proud of their sheriff for implementing this activity and keeping roads cleaner.

Now let’s discuss Wilson County! Roadside trash is sending a message to companies, visitors and those looking to relocate that Wilson County does not care about itself! Just like restaurants, people will stop patronizing places if they are not kept clean. If what you see is not clean, you can imagine the kitchens being the same or worst.

Letters in the past have tried to get our sheriff to make inmates clean our roads and public areas. Various excuses have been made by officials of the county, such as that it would cost too much, outside companies are paid to do it, etc. Our county looks terrible.

Well, the sheriff has a jail full of drug dealers, thieves and criminals who are awaiting trial and doing nothing! They are in “pre-country club” jail watching TV, being fed and clothed at taxpayer expense! I would like to see a positive return on my tax dollars by the sheriff getting our roadways cleaned.

I am asking the citizens of Wilson County to call and write to insist that our roads are cleaned by the offenders who are in jail! Not by spending more money to hire an outside company.

Ashley E. Robbins Jr.

Elm City