Wilson ER staff was caring, attentive, professional

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On Monday, Dec. 31 around 4:10 p.m., I arrived at the Wilson Medical Center ER. I had fell on the sidewalk where I work. My face was bleeding, my glasses all scratched up. After arrival we waited about 20 minutes before I was called. The nurse took my information and sent me to a cubicle. Another nurse came in took a urine specimen and blood, said the doctor would come in a few minutes. He came in, said I needed a tetanus shot and sent me to have my right knee X-rayed and have a CT scan.

When I had to wait for the scan, the nurse went back and informed my husband why I would not return in the 20 minutes she had said. When I returned, I was given something for pain and the tetanus shot and told they hoped I was better soon.

At all times I was treated with respect and compassion by everyone I came in contact with. We left the ER about 7:30 p.m. Since the accident would be filed on workers’ compensation, billing agreed to wait until Wednesday when my corporate office could send the papers needed. I did not pay anything out of pocket.

I wish to thank all the staff at the ER on Dec. 31 for the care I received.

Susan Evans