Wilson images featured in literary magazine

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Photographs of daily life around Wilson are featured in The Oxford American, a quarterly literary magazine about the American South.

Keith Dannemiller, who was the Eyes on Main Street artist in residence in December, made the photographs for the article titled “Collective Identity,” which is featured in the Eyes on the South section of the magazine.

“Dannemiller, who lives in Mexico City, is interested in the dichotomy between the ‘mythic, enduring’ sense of home suggested by traditional notions of the small-town South and a more shifting and dynamic concept of home represented in the immigrant population ‘of a new, multicultural region,’” wrote Jeff Rich, curator for the series. “His images, which largely attend to people in the midst of the work, waiting and celebration of their daily lives, have a steady, compassionate and unromantic character.”

“I have been a faithful reader of The Oxford American for many, many years,” Dannemiller said of seeing his photographs being featured. “When I got the news today that they have put up a selection of the Wilson work, well, I am ecstatic and have a nice, happy glow on all around me.”

Dannemiller said he was grateful to “the good people of Wilson who accepted a total stranger onto their streets and into their homes, churches, schools and businesses with open arms.”

The 23 images featured in the spread can be viewed online at http://www.oxfordamerican.org/item/1447-collective-identity/.