Wilson needs more dining, shopping to prosper and progress

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I have been living in Wilson and Wilson County all my life. I haven’t seen much progress in bringing in new business or restaurants that other towns have had for years. What’s up with this? Are we just that far behind everyone else or being conservative?

When they tore down the steakhouse on U.S. 301, I was shocked. It was a beautiful building with lots of atmosphere and features. We got a Hardee’s instead — wow! That was a great improvement. I think we could have used a nicer restaurant with folks coming off U.S. 264 and we certainty could use some nice motels.

To me this would be an embarrassment if I were in charge of Wilson because of what that part of 301 looks like. The only think they have going for them at that end of 301 is Parker’s Barbecue. Wilson needs a new steak restaurant like Outback and a seafood restaurant like Red Lobsters.

We are the only town that doesn’t have a mall. This is so sad because who doesn’t like to go to a mall with lots of stores? And this would help Wilson so very much, but instead we have an ugly old building that looks like it’s been taken over by gangs.

Oh my, I could go on and on about what Wilson needs. I have been listening to my clients coming in from out of state and telling me Wilson hasn’t changed much since I left. We also could use more senior housing because our baby boomers have gotten older. These senior housing complexes need to be built in nice areas, not rundown old neighborhoods.

Please let us not forget our simple but rundown old animal shelter that needed to be rebuilt years and years ago. Edna Earle Boykin, who was an active member in the Humane Society, gave countless time and money for a new shelter to be built. I should know, I was once involved with the Humane Society myself.

It’s very sad when you see even smaller towns like Snow Hill growing and Wilson pretty much stays the same. Did I mention Snow Hill now has a no-kill shelter? Also the little town of Pikeville has a lot going on and has grown more over the past five years than Wilson.

You call yourself “Wide Awake” Wilson — well, prove it and let’s move forward please!

Terry Horne