Wilson Rec All-Star Softball makes return to Fleming

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For the first time in three decades, the Wilson Parks and Recreation Men’s All-Star softball game will be contested in Fleming Stadium.

Scheduled for Friday at 7:30 p.m., the best-of-three series will comprise a pair of 12-player rosters, drawn from the seven teams in the league. The All-Star rosters are comprised of four players off the top four teams in the regular-season standings, with Nos. 5 and 6 getting three picks each. Two players were taken off the seventh-place team, providing a 24-player pool from which to conduct an All-Star draft.

Team Freddy players are Chase Edmundson, Nate Strother, Sid Turner, Micah Varnell, Nathan Boykin, Jon Lucas, Derek Collins, Greg Johnson, Ethan Jones, Dillon Bissette, Maxton Brown and James Maxwell.

Team Ryan consists of Lee Melvin, Cody Walker, Daniel Wilson, Anthony Lee, Jackson Parker, Brian Allen, Eric Lippert, Joseph Hollis, Justin Nichols, Nolan Farmer, Chris Perry and Randy Waddell.

All 12 players, with 10 defensive players allowed in the field.

With 90-foot bases remaining in play, unlimited home runs will be allowed. Pitchers will pitch from a mound, represented by two mats, that is 50 feet from the plate. Stealing is permitted, but the ball must first cross the plate. The play will be blown dead if the ball lands short, hits the plate or strikes the batter. 

There is no charge for admission and the Fleming concession stand, as well as the beer garden, will be open.