Wilson’s Post 13 team makes a herculean effort

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Too often in this world we do not stop and take the time to say thank you and be grateful for extraordinary dedication. I was reminded of this over the last two months as the Post 13 roster decreased and the heat and dedication of a few increased.

The weather started off fair and the season not so fair, dropping a few early and the team seeming a bit distracted.

This deterred neither the last eight players nor Adam from joining the team nor Noah and his staff or Mr. Walston. They all kept faith and held true to the American Legion oath recited before each game.

As the roster decreased and heat increased, the increase in dedication, attitude and hard work of the nine remaining players and the coaches far outweighed their dwindling ranks and the oppressive heat.

A winning streak ensued, including two wins of epic proportion that will live on in Post 13 history.

How many teams do you know were a couple of outs from losing a game by mercy rule come back and score 17 unanswered runs in the next two innings to win?

Then two games later, an almost no-no to defeat Pitt County Post 39 that left the team stunned and their manager literally speechless.

They are the kind of games you see on ESPN Classic and I was there to witness them, along with a faithful few others.

Not once in the last few weeks did I hear a complaint from players or coaches.

Watching the team come back from losing the first playoff game against Farmville then winning the next two to advance to face Kinston was amazing.

Unfortunately, fate and the baseball gods decided to end the season with injuries.

It was disappointing but a noble end to a memorable season, one I won’t soon forget.

To Noah and these fine young men who finished the season, I say thank you for the dedication, effort and memories.

Tony Gaetano