Woodard wrong to blame animal advocates in dog-dumping case

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Referencing the Saturday article in The Wilson Times, “Woodard: Dog-Dumping Case Politicized,” we feel compelled to respond. We were unaware until reading Sheriff Woodard’s comments that animal advocates were the target of his Facebook rant.

We are amazed the article failed to mention that the advocates who are being accused of hindering the investigation are the same people offering a $3,000 reward for an arrest and conviction in the case.

In reference to Woodard’s statement, “It is mighty funny that dogs started being dumped immediately after I filed for election,” we find nothing funny about it.

The dog that was taken by the Humane Society to a vet was taken 24 hours AFTER Wilson County Sheriff’s Office personnel completed their investigation and left the dog by the road for sanitation. We have a confidentiality agreement with the vet and are not in a position to release their name. However, we have freely shared the findings.

Raleigh television media was only on scene at one location (Dog 5). As this discovery was within the city limits, the Wilson PD was initially contacted. The Wilson County Sheriff’s Office was second to respond. Both agencies were on site before Raleigh TV media. Though not on prior locations, Raleigh TV media was already covering the “dumpings” and asked to be notified if additional dogs were found.

Another accusation by Woodard in the article stated that volunteers have received phone calls alerting them to trash bags but would not say who placed the calls to them. Only one “trash bag” was directly reported to volunteers and it was from an unknown number (Dog 6). Volunteers contacted the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office and shared that information with them. All other findings have been called in directly to authorities by the finders as evidenced in the public incident reports.

We are very disappointed, that we are once again the target for Sheriff Woodard’s unjustified accusations. We work daily rescuing animals that are housed in the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office Animal Shelter. Sheriff Woodard’s insinuation that the “dog-dumping” is politically motivated and that our volunteers are hindering the investigation is ludicrous and insulting.

Kim Edmondson


The writer is president of the Wilson County Humane Society.