Georgia on our minds

Radical right wages war on the poor

Guilty pleasure at the library

Honor victims' lives by preventing impaired driving

I’m sorry, Wilson County

Let’s bury the hatchet, America

Thank Trump for making COVID-19 vaccine possible

Good riddance to Trump

Don’t forget to shop local

Election software needs testing, transparency

Thank you for helping to honor our veterans

Poll workers, election staff helped Wilson cast ballots

Congratulations to Cooper-Suggs; thanks to supporters and voters

Check your COVID-19 test labels

Election battle is part of spiritual war

Rush to declare Biden winner is premature

Find ways to support, contribute to our schools

Busy drive-thru a disappointment

Son’s laptop implicates Biden in scandal

LME-MCOs preserve behavioral health care access during COVID-19

Velma Hoskins Barnes an advocate for children

What goes around comes around

Will judicial candidates weigh in on traffic ticket racket?

Congratulations, Chief Oliver

Cooper-Suggs a hardworking leader for Wilson

Why I voted for Trump

Choosing to hate takes a bitter toll

Support candidates who prioritize health care

Catholics and their vote

Butterfield pandering for marijuana vote

What about global warming's benefits?

'Nonsense' favors Trump

Masks not an issue for fair food vendors

Do the right thing

Drive sober or get a ride home this Halloween

Cooper, Biden offer leadership on climate change

Fight for the babies when you vote

Fishing line, hooks harm wildlife

Pandemic cancels Optimist Christmas tree sales

Democrats embrace postmodernism, progressivism

Cooper-Suggs, Fitch qualified to lead

Hal Tarleton

‘COVID shaming’ targets virus patients

My first cousin, Beth, has found herself the victim of COVID-19 — twice.  First, she contracted the virus, despite following recommended precautions, then, when her affliction made it …
Tom Campbell

Why Democrats did poorly in North Carolina

Thirty days out from North Carolina’s 2020 elections, we now have greater perspective on what happened. Cut it and slice it any way you want, the elections were a disaster for Democrats who …
John Hood

Voters say no to discrimination

RALEIGH — In its daily newsletter called “The Morning,” the New York Times had this to say about California voters defeating a proposition that would have reinstated racial …
Thomas L. Knapp

COVID-19: The way the music died?

“Why,” Candice Holdsworth asks at British website Spiked, “aren’t more artists standing up to lockdown?”  “The lockdown has completely decimated the …
John Hood

When political shorthand gets it wrong

RALEIGH — If the Republican Party were only the party of white men, it would never win an election. When discussing electoral matters, we all tend to use the political equivalent of …
Gary Pearce

‘Defund the police’ undid the Democrats

In science and philosophy, it’s called “Occam’s Razor:” the problem-solving principle that the simplest explanation is usually the right one. The rule applies to politics. …
Marnie Sara

The beauty of a handwritten letter

With no time to waste, I rip it open before I even make it back from the mailbox. With the package in my hand, my heart races as I glance at the return address and smile because I know exactly where …
Oliver Hedgepeth

Heed the call of Christmas' spirit of giving

Purchase that policeman or fireman’s coffee or food order when he’s ahead of you in line getting ready to pay. And smile.  Purchase several $10 gift cards for your favorite …
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