Snow creates Wilson winter wonderland

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For many folks around Wilson, a little bit of snow is just the right amount.

Wilson collected enough snow overnight Thursday to cover the grass in most open areas and add a shiny silver and white lining to trees and bushes.

According to the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail & Snow Network, Elm City received 3.5 inches of snow and Kenly had 3.8 inches.

Devonta Speight of Wilson figured what fell amounted to 2-4 inches at his home on Broad Street.

“It was good,” said Devonta, a Daniels Learning Center student. “To be honest, I didn’t know we were going to get snow at all until we had early release.”

“I woke up this morning and found out we had all this snow out here,” said Devonta, who spend the day playing with friends and relatives.

Snow-covered trees dangled overhead Friday as Davida Abell walked her dog, Pixie, along Kenan Street.

“I love it,” Abell said. “I still have to go to work, though. I’m from New York, so I haven’t seen snow like this for a while.”

Minnie Weeks of Wilson used a broom to clean the snow off her car.

“It would be different if I had to go to work today, but it wasn’t so bad,” Weeks said. “The roads look pretty good.”

Around the corner on Kincaid Avenue, Roscoe Roundtree of Wilson gently brushed away the snow from his vehicle.

“I like it,” Roundtree said. “There’s nothing we can do about it but like it.”

Andy Fierro-Reyes, a fourth grader from Vick Elementary School, really didn’t think it would snow this winter.

“It’s a miracle,” Andy said as he made a snowman at the corner of Viola and Carroll streets. “The weather was changing all the time. Some days were warmer and some days were cold.”

Michelle Joyner took son Jake Joyner over to Fike High School to slide down a popular slope frequented by families after many snowfalls.

“I think it’s great. I wish we had gotten a little bit more,” Joyner said.

She cheered her son on as he managed to stand up on a sled all the way down the hill.

“Great job, Jake,” she said. “There you go. That’s a good picture.”

Jake, like many Wilson children, was excited to watch the snow coming down Thursday night

“I rode my four-wheeler and tore up my mom’s grass doing doughnuts and making snow cream,” Jake said. “It was good, really good.”

“We got just enough,” Jake said. “I like how it covers the tree limbs. It’s pretty, and I like how you are able to sled in it.”

Rebecca Agner, communications and marketing director for the city of Wilson, said Wilson Energy had a few scattered outages from 6 p.m. Thursday until Friday morning.

“Crews were dispatched and able to respond to the outages as they occurred,” Agner said “There were five outages calls throughout the event. Four of the five affected 100 customers or less and were restored within a couple of hours. Those were caused by downed trees. The one larger one was caused by snow accumulation on lines/equipment and was restored overnight.”

Agner said city street maintenance crews began applying salt to roads around 6:30 p.m. Thursday, mostly in problems areas, primary corridors and streets.

“We didn’t have enough accumulation to need plows for this event,” Agner said. “Crews removed downed limbs from streets in several locations around the city. Outside of those that caused brief power outages, we did have a limb down on the line feeding street lights in the Trinity Drive area.”

Agner said all power has been restored to Wilson Energy customers and the streets are clear.

Gordon Deno, director of Wilson County Emergency Management, said there wasn’t much to report out in the county.

“By the time traffic got out today, the roads were pretty clear,” Deno said.

Deno said the roads had enough residual heat that they were, in large part, able to melt the fallen snow on their own.

The N.C. Highway Patrol office in Wilson reported that there were no serious wrecks to report to the district office.

The National Weather Service office in Raleigh issued a winter weather advisory for Wilson and surrounding areas for black ice through 9 a.m. Saturday as temperatures were forecast to dip into the 20s overnight Friday, which could cause slush on the roads to refreeze.