Wilson teen publishes 2nd novel

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Carmen Bundy says her mom’s rare disease — gastroparesis — helped inspire her second published novel.

“I didn’t know what to do or how I could help her when she was always feeling horrible and in the hospital,” explained Carmen, who was 9 when her mother received her diagnosis. At age 16, the Wilson resident decided to draw from that experience in her writing.

“The disease, gastroparesis, that I included in this book is the same disease that my mom has been living with,” Carmen wrote. “I may not have the disease, and I may not be able to feel the pain that my mom does, but I see the pain that she goes through every day in my life, and that gives me the ability to relate to it.”

Last month, Carmen released “The Sacrifice,” a self-published, 307-page paperback that retails for $9.99 on Amazon.com.

“Eden is a 17-year-old girl enjoying her last summer before senior year, but an unexpected curveball gets thrown at her with a life-changing disease,” the Amazon book description reads. “Her twin brother, Bennett, and best friend, Carter, stay by her side, but once a tragedy happens, she begins to feel the pain that she never imagined having. One letter ends up being the mystery that she wishes she never opened up. Will she be able to find closure, or will she give up on everything she’s ever worked for?”

Carmen said she’s learned to lean on her family and her faith in times of crisis.

“My goal is to use my writing and experiences, along with creativity, to spread messages of encouragement to others,” she wrote.

Carmen is also the author of “Unbreakable,” a 207-page paperback that sells for $7.99.

“The Sacrifice” is available for purchase online via the shortened link https://amzn.to/2Y23dnZ.