Looking ahead to summer and camps

Kids gather in a circle at a visual arts camp last summer at the Boykin Center.
Barton Tennis Camp Barton will offer camp June 15-18 from 9-11:30 a.m. at the Barton College Tennis Facility. For details contact coach Lee Underwood at 252-299-1260 or assistant coach Jake …
"Dale Trump puts the finishing touches on a guitar stand he built for a Wilson musician. Trump, who built his own house, has been building things since he was a young boy."

Woodworker built his own home

There’s no place like home. Especially when you build it yourself. When he was a kid, Dale Trump enjoyed building forts. In retirement, Trump builds hive stands for his beehives, guitar …
Wilson artist Kim Joy displays some of the crafts she and her children made during times the family was forced to stay inside due to hurricanes and record-setting snowfalls. The crafts include a decorated photo frame, toilet paper roll napkin rings and Thanksgiving characters, kaleidoscopes, a pen and pencil holder made out of an empty food can and colored tongue depressors/craft sticks, and a necklace made out of shaped paper clips.

Stuck at home? Art projects can fill the day

Chances are that you’re finding yourself at home these days. For weeks at a time. And there is only so much Netflix you can watch or naps you can take. And if you have kids at home, you really …
Cassidy Hall

Prune the (saturated) fat from your diet

We live in a world full of dietary advice at our fingertips, but, unfortunately, that advice is not always received from experts. In my Extension role, participants often clue me in on trendy dietary …
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